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Thread: Create a shortened Google URL in simple steps

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    Create a shortened Google URL in simple steps

    It is very simple to Create a shortened google URL, the only things we have to do is to go to google shorten URL API after reaching there you will find out how to shorten URL for any of the long links you can go for Social networking site such as Instagram, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Facebook. Now follow the below steps and make the your HTML shortener link as same as you want. I preferred good URL shortener by using google URL builder or google URL. Well this service is provided by the google and the below step to make the website link shorten.

    1. Google URL shortened site at
    2. Sign in
    3. Copy paste your URL."Paste your long URL here box"
    4. Click Shorten URL

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    Re: Create a shortened Google URL in simple steps


    I believe as compare to google there are others website which help you more faster than google, and you can use it if in case you want any alternative to google URL shortener.

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