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Thread: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error code fix

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    ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error code fix

    Friends I need help in access a specific website and subsequent pages, I have checked the websites status and it is online, but I am getting "Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET". I am facing the same error like err_connection_reset chrome, err_connection_reset fix, err_connection_reset iis, err_connection_reset youtube, err_connection_reset apache, err_connection_reset wordpress, err_connection_reset localhost, err_connection_reset xampp in my system. I though this is problem for all but at the same time I am not facing any error code in my cousin system who is also using my Internet network

    There are some possibility to solve this error which I had tired but not got any success.
    Scanned for malware/spyware.
    Scanned for viruses.
    Flushed DNS.
    Reset modem.
    Checked cables for wireless connector.
    Restarted computer.
    Uninstalled chrome / re-installed chrome.
    Checked firewall (Deleted then re-allowed chrome.exe)
    Also turned off firewall / any protection.

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    Re: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error code fix

    My browser configuration

    Chrome Version (32.0.1700.76)
    My Chrome Theme 2.0
    Operating System (Windows 7)

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