Why you are worrying about getting the construction NOC for your project now due to COVID-19 all the authorities made it very easy for all.

We financial pdca will make more easy to let you know from my financial pdca forums, here is way you will get the SEWA - SHARJAH ELECTRICITY, WATER AUTHORITY construction NOC No Objection Certificate to start the work.

First I would let you know in SEWA you will get NOC for SEWA Water, SEWA Electricity, SEWA Gas, SEWA FOC, and in SEWA you will get NOC for Street Lighting also.

For SEWA Water, SEWA Electricity, SEWA Gas, SEWA FOC you have to pay some amount which is as per the authority so I will not write the amount and for SEWA Street Lighting you have to pay another some amount.

After paying the amount in SEWA at Halwan, you have to send all the documents (Below document list + payment slip) on NOC.section@sewa.gov.ae and you can follow up on call 06-5021124.

The minimum turn around time (TAT) for the reply is about 14 days but you can call on them after one week from the date of submitting the documents via email.

Documents need to be submitted here is the list:
1. Request Letter
2. Contract - Letter fo Award
3. Design NOC
4. Proposed Drawing PDF & CAD
5. Google Layout
6. Assitant Letter (if required)