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Thread: Weekly Diet Chart for Indian pregnant women in Second Trimester

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    Weekly Diet Chart for Indian pregnant women in Second Trimester

    Weekly Diet Chart for Indian pregnant women in Second Trimester for non-vegetarian and vegetarian.

    Diet for second trimester for pregnancy

    Second trimester start from 13th weak to 28th weak. In this trimester women need 2,200 calories per day more than first trimester diet because baby size is increasing this weeks, and their organs is fully develop, So they need protein, carbohydrates, good fat, calcium, iron, vitamin D, minerals in a proper amount for your healthy baby.

    Second trimester pregnant women of normal weight needs 2200 calories per day.

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Pre breakfast 1 glass milk + dates 1 glass lassi 1 glass
    1 glass milk 1 glass lassi 1 glass milk+ dates 1 glass milk
    Breakfast 4 slice brown bread 2 egg sandwich 1 cup upma 4 idly chutney sambhar Oatmeal 4 Paneer sandwich 4 Paneer sandwich Fortified cereals
    Mid-Meal orange Watermelon/
    avocado apple Mango/
    raspberry Banana
    Lunch 200g chicken/kale + rice+ curd 1 cup red lentils+ rice+ boiled spinach+ curd 100g mutton/broccoli +rice/3 roti
    1 cup Dal +rice/ 3 roti+ pumpkin 100g beef/bokchoy+
    Rice/3 roti
    Fish salmon/
    Dal makhani+4
    Rice/roti+ curd
    Evening Meal 3 almond+ 3 walnuts/
    tea+ rusk
    White peas chat +dates 3 walnuts+
    3 almond
    3 cashewnuts
    kheer Dry peas+1 dates+ buttermilk 1 glass Beetroot juice Jagerry+ kurmure
    Dinner 3 chapati+1 cup spinach 3 chapati+ 1 cup bhindi(okra) 3 chapati/rice +bottle gourd(lauki curry) 3 chapati+ bitter gourd(karela) 1 barley chapati+ aalu bharta Sattu paratha+
    Chicken biryani

    The diet chart is for information and educational purpose only for any problems consult your doctors.
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