CT Angiography (CT Angiogram)
CT scan can be used to asses a patientís a risk for heart disease in a procedure know as CT angiography ( CTA) Atlantic medical imaging was the first imaging practice in the area to offer the highly esteemed coronary CTA procedure in this imaging test a contrast dye is injected into the arteries. The Ct scanner then take X-ray to create an image of blood flow in the body which should be highlighted thanks to the contrast dye
CT Angiography can detect sign of heart. Disease in the earlier stage, with this procedure we can asses how efficiently blood is flowing in both the coronary and peripheral vascular system

CTA is frequently used to :-
  • Examine the pulmonary arteries in the lungs to rule out pulmonary embolism.
  • Visualize blood flow in the renal arteries in patients with high blood pressure and those suspected of having a kidney disorder.
  • Identify aneurysms in the aorta or in other major blood vessels.
  • Identify dissection(peeling away of the layers of the artery) in the aorta or its major branches.
  • Identify a small neurysm or arterio-venous malfunction inside the brain that can be life-threatening.
  • Detect narrowing or obstruction of arteries in the pelvis and in the carotid arteries bringing blood from the heart to the brain.
  • To help surgeons assess details of the arteries prior to tumor surgery.

CTA ( CT angiogram) only take a few second most of the time you spend at clinic will be spent setting thing up after changing into a gown and having an IV set up , you will answer question about things that might complicate the exam and then will lie down on narrow table. A sample of contrast dye will be injected to see how quickly it can reach the designated area. The IV is then looked up to an automatic injector, contrast material is injected, and the scan begins

A CTA typically last between 10-25 minutes overall you can expect to be in or near the examining room for 20-30 minutes the test should not a painful once the needed image recommended you will be free to leave you can eat immediately after and it is recommended you drink plenty of water flush the contrast dye out of your system