Local Rules for X-ray Rooms - Radiography only

They will include at least the following information:
  • The X-ray machine will be kept switched off all times when not in use
  • Before releasing an exposure, close the doors of X-ray room
  • Do not direct the X-ray beam at window of the room or towards the control panel or darkroom wall
  • lead apron should be worn by all patient having X-ray examinations
  • Gonad shields must be used on patient whenever appropriate, and the field must be adjusted to the minimum size consistent with adequate clinical diagnostic
  • where it is necessary to hold a patient this should be done by the accompanying parent or career and not for more than two exposures per months and record her /his name, the date, the number of exposure, and the radiographic technique used
  • No patient should wait or change in the X-ray room while another patient is being radiographed
  • A service record log for each X-ray machine will be maintain
  • periodic checking of X-ray equipment
  • A log of retaken X-ray and reason for doing that