X-ray during pregnancy
Irradiation of the pregnant patient, at a time when the pregnancy was obscure, often leads to her apprehension because of concern about possible effect on the foetus, even the absorbed doses in the conceptus are generally small such concern may even lead to a suggestion that the pregnancy be terminated. A pregnant patient is likely to know, or at least suspect that she is pregnant after one missed menstruation and there is no other relevant information, the woman should assume to be pregnant. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedure causing expose of the abdomen of woman likely to be pregnant should be keep away from unless these are strong clinical indication.

Obstetric radiography
The uses of radiology in obstetrics are described. The peril to the foetus are described. It is concluded that with care these can be lessen and the benefits from its use may often outweigh the risk The indications for pelvimetry, the technique and its interpretation are discussed. Placentography and the use of radiology in determining maturity are also narrating.

Other x-ray examination during pregnancy:
When pregnant women require other x-ray examination in which the x-ray beam irradiation the foetus directly sometime the risk to the foetus is less than that of not making a necessary diagnostic. So that the x-ray examination should still be done when medical manifestation is appropriate. In such cases, greater than usual care should be taken to minimize the irradiation time or number of radiographs and to minimize the absorbed dose in the foetus for each irradiation.