Metatarsalgia is a common condition of overuse injury in which the ball of your foot become painful and inflamed. This area is in the front part of your foot under the heads of your metatarsal bones Its also may cause by variety of factors.

What are the causes of Metatarsalgia?
  • A high arch can put more pressure on the metatarsal. So can having a second toe is bigger than the big toe, which put more pressure on metatarsal than normal
  • Athletes runner wearing ill- fitting or poorly fitting shoes can cause metatarsalgia
  • Over weight put extra pressure on your forefoot may cause metatarsalgia
  • Women wearing high heels can transfer extra weight on front of your foot can cause metatarsalgia
  • Morton's neuroma is one of condition of foot Pain in which growth of fibrous tissue on third or fourth heads of metatarsal bones. This also cause symptom of metatarsalgia
  • Hammertoe deformity also cause metatarsalgia
  • Joint inflammation, like Gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis are also causes Metatarsalgia

What are the treatment of metatarsalgia?
  • Doctors advice you these step to recover your feet
  • To keep rest your feet till the pain is gone
  • Do not stand long time continuously take a break in between your work
  • Do icing two or three times a day on the injury of your foot with the wrap the frozen water bottle with thin towel and roll your foot on it, believe me it works I have a experience
  • Avoid standing work till your injury is relieve of the feet
  • Use a Pressure banged
  • Strengthening Exercise may help you relive pain do stretching gently Some time doctor have to do your surgery on the bottom of your foot if there is a growth of callus this may relieve some pinching pain on your foot
  • Do not further stressed your injury keep protect your foot after standing give some stretching
  • You have to avoid your favorite sport till your feet relief from pain
  • Use metatarsal pads, Its is cushion pad to place in your shoes toward only metatarsal bone to make you feel soft and relief pain in your feet, I am currently using it now I can walk.
  • Some hot cream may work for short term pain relief
  • Use safety shoes for working different shoes is available for different profession for high impact work

Nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs are the drugs can relieve pain in a short term.

Ibuprofen- Advil, Morin, Nuprin
Amount: 200mg, 300mg, 400mg
Dose: 1 **** every 4 to 6 hours
Max Daily limit: 1200 mg

Naproxen sodium- Alive, Naprosyn
Amount: 220mg
Dose: 1 **** every 8 to 12 hours
Max daily limit: 440 mg

You can gradually start your daily activity after your pain is stop and also you can increase exercises stretching and strengthening exercise.

Your doctor will ask you for X-ray to diagnose the main reason like stress fracture or any other problem because various foot pain symptom is similar to metatarsalgia and also your doctor will examine your foot proper by asking your daily lifestyle like you are standing long time or having a standing work place, etc.

What is the Symptom of Metatarsalgia?

  1. Shooting pain in the ball of your foot- the head of the metatarsal bone
  2. Pain is gradually start when start walking or standing on your feet
  3. Sharp, aching or burning pain in the ball of your feet
  4. Pain is worsen when you start walking or standing long time on a hard surface
  5. pain is also begins when you exercise
  6. Sometimes you may have pain in both the feet
  7. You feel like numbness and tingling in your toes
  8. Sometime you feel like small stone pinching in your foot