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Thread: Chest Radiograph or Chest X Rays why it is required and it Risk on human Body

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    Chest Radiograph or Chest X Rays why it is required and it Risk on human Body

    Chest X-ray Introduction
    Chest X-ray is a painless and rapid test that used small amount of radiation to generate pictures of the structure in and around your chest

    Why should chest X-ray done?
    Chest X-ray is a common type of exam your doctor may order a chest X-ray if they mistrust that your symptoms have a connection to problems in your chest.

    Some of these symptoms include:-
    • chest pain
    • chronic cough
    • shortness of breath
    • fever

    Chest X-Rays can also be used to check how you are responding to treatment healthcare also may advise a chest X-Rays to diagnose or monitor certain health condition including:-
    • congestive heart failure
    • emphysema
    • lung cancer
    • positioning of medical device
    • fluid or air collection around the lung
    • other medical condition

    Chest X-Rays Preparation?
    Chest X-Rays require less preparation on the part of person acquiring it
    • You may need to remove any jewellery, eyeglasses, body piercings, or other metal on your person
    • patient is ask to change into hospital gown before the X-Rays

    Women should always tell their doctor or technologist if they are pregnant doctor will not perform many tests during pregnancy to avoid radiation

    Chest X-Rays Procedure?

    X-Rays occurs in special room during the procedure, your body is positioned between machine that produces the X-Rays and a plate that create the image digitally or with X-Rays film. The X-Rays technician will tell you how to stand and will record both front and side views of your chest. While the image are taken you’ll need to hold your breath so that your chest stays completely still. If you move image will come blurry after the images have been captured which should take 20 minutes or so your part is complete you can change back into your clothes and go about your day

    Chest X-Rays Risk:

    You may worry about Radiation exposure from chest X-Rays mainly if you have them regular that exposure to the small amount of radiation produced during X-Rays is well worth it because of diagnostic benefit tell your doctor if you’re pregnant or might be pregnant. The procedure can be performed in a way to protect your abdomen from the radiation
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