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Thread: Construction site good practice

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    Construction site good practice

    What do mean when somebody visit to your site and ask you do have any good practice on your site, and are continuing the practice.

    Well let me inform you any think which is legal requirements, contractual obligation, or any procedure which is submitted to the authority stating you will follow the same on the site is not Good practice.

    Good Practice means some thing which is out of the box, which is not mentioned in any local or International law but you are following and implementing of site for better and safe understanding.

    I would like to share one example with you all which will make you understand a bit, like placing a box which consists of Method Statement Risk Assessment, Approved Drawing and Permit in it and the box itself having a poster on it stating Permit box so this you can consider as a Good Practice.

    Hope you understand it, but need something more on HSE please comment

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    Re: Construction site good practice

    Really good example and better way to understand the concept of good practice. Thank you for sharing the information.

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