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Thread: Documents required for NRI (NRE/NRO) Home Loan

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    Documents required for NRI (NRE/NRO) Home Loan

    These are the list of documents required to get Home Loan from your NRE/NRO (NRI) bank account. The below list of ddocuments may be vary banks to banks.

    For more accurate informtion kindly contact your bank accordingly.

    • Passport copy with Visa (Applicant and Co-applicant)
    • Pan card(if available)
    • Labour card or ID copy (Residencial proof of your employment visa country)
    • Residence address proof(Residence country) or any utility bill(office PO Box) copy
    • Latest Original salary certificate or latest 3 months’ salary slip
    • Employment contract copy or Appointment letter(for more than 2 yrs)
    • Local Salary credits bank statement for latest 6 months
    • NRE a/c statement for last 6 months(Indian Bank)
    • Loan details for last 1 yr. (if any)
    • Processing Fee cheque Two Passport size photograph
    • POA details

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    Re: Documents required for NRI (NRE/NRO) Home Loan

    Good information, but I dont have emirates ID as I had recently joined the company. Can I process for home loan without mybresidential proof.

    I have contract agreement, offerletter and evisa wheather it will work or not.

    Please suggest me.

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