I had applied to cancel my FGB Credit card just because they are charging me for annual fees. Actually I cant to me that the problem is from the executives who has asked me to issue the FGB Credit card and it is of no annual cost. I was new in the country and I trusted the executive and agree with me, but I got deduction of 250 AED in my monthly bill so at that time at paid any how.

Now after a year I ask FGB Credit card customer care executive to redeem my FGB Credit card touch point and they send me the voucher after a week. The problem is that I want to close the FGB Credit card within this month because the year of my FGB Credit card will end on the coming next month. I had called to FGB Credit card customer executive on 600 525500 they informed me it will take minimum 6 working days then on of their executive will call me and then it will get process.

I have some questions?

1. If my FGB Credit card will get cancel can I use FGB Credit card apparel voucher after that also or shall I use it earlier.
2. Will they will cancel my FGB Credit card with this month or not, because I am scared they can charge me.

Dealing with the banks is sometimes very tough.