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Thread: How to protect website from hackers and from malicious attacks

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    How to protect website from hackers and from malicious attacks

    How to secure or protect your php, wordpress, Weebly or any (content management system) CMS website from hackers or from malicious danger attacks. We have protection in our domain server, but still there is a question what is website security? is it helpful and website security tools really useful for protecting the website from all the hackers?

    Well this all is the question with everyone who has a website. Okay can anyone tell me wordpress website is it safe from hackers or from malicious attacks if not How to protect wordpress website from hackers? is creating a secure website is enough for protecting a website or shall I use https for my website. How to secure my website with https?

    Guys protecting our website is itself a creative things which need potential to understand the algorithm of hackers or malicious attackers. I don't need a expert for expalining protect your website or help me with how to protect your website idea.

    There is some security flow bibliography which will help you to prevent from hackers and from malicious attacks. This will not be at extrem level but keep the danger away

    • Use strong password (Change frequently)
    • Check login history and editors login
    • Install only useful apps
    • Use embed code from genuine sources
    • Avoid editing in source HTML / CSS
    • Keep backup
    • Use SSL if using online store
    • Use Google malware checking tool frequently
    • Use robots.txt and .htaccess
    • IP blocking whenever required if found any
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    Re: How to protect website from hackers and from malicious attacks

    For SSL do I need to hire or purchase it from third party.

    Guide me

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