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Thread: How to configure Outlook email in android and iPhone smartphone app

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    How to configure Outlook email in android and iPhone smartphone app

    Guy whilst working at your office and then off time it feel too tired, but even more tired when we reached home then somebody call for urgent mail. So in such kind of case I had configure outlook in my android mobile phone and it was working smooth and even I had connected it with iPhone.

    The method which I had followed through that you can configure your smart mobile phone even if you want to configure outlook in android phone pop3. It was very difficult to know how to set up outlook on android, or how to configure exchange mail in android or setup office 365 emails on android even on doing the setup office 365 email on iPhone.

    Follow the few steps to configure outlook to your android or iPhone mobile.

    1. Download Outlook app from Play store (for Android) or app store (for iPhone)
    2. Open outlook and click on Exchange
    3. Click advanced
    4. Fill the required Information
      • Mailing address -
      • Server :
      • Domain :
      • User Name : domain\ login name
      • Password : Your Password

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