Microsoft Solitaire is one of the games that comes pre-installed in Microsoft WINDOWS 10 Operating System. It can be easily turn into addiction games for the one who is lover of PC games. Microsoft Gim collection Solitaire game will take part in the smart mobile phones system like Android and iOS very soon, but the Windows Phone users can start playing. To start download Microsoft Solitaire game on Android and iOS mobile phones from Google apps and Apple apps store.

As the announcement from Microsoft it will be soon arriving in the market of Technology, the development of games is still in progress of testing them and provides some helpful feedback from a Redmond for the improvement if required in it.

Microsoft Solitaire games will work on devices with iOS 8 or upper level of iOS, and Android 4.4 and so on. It required at least 480 x 800 pixels resolution to play in your Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Microsoft Luncurkan Gim Solitaire untuk iOS dan Android, after hearing it make happier to casual user of Solitaire games because now they can continue in their Mobile phone too.
First try out the beta version of Solitaire by downloading