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    Privacy Policy Statement


    All viewers include Guests/Members who view our pages should go through our policy of site. As per the information which is available in the site is not to collect any personal details about any of our viewers especially your name, address, phone number, and email address the entire said entities will remain disclosed as our private properties. However collected materials which is clear to you that how to use the Internet, our server non-personally fetching the details such as, the server you are logged onto, the geographical area of your ISP you are logged in, the type of browser platform you are using, and your system IP address. This said details are obtained fetch only for the site statistics and measuring the site's usage for future monitoring and improvements.

    Cookie Principle
    Cookies are used to improvise the good experience of web browsing. The working of cookies, it first served a page you had opened then assign a unique random number to your system browser which you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome). It will reduce the time to generate a unique random number again and again to the same data repeatedly. On-a-days most of the web browsers robotically accept cookies, if you don’t want to then you can change your web browser to prevent that use of cookies.

    Financial Pdca volunteers its practices of gathering the information, as per its targeting capabilities, and use of cookies. If you have any queries related to this our privacy policy and its related contents, do please send a direct your correspondence to our email without any fail.

    We will undergoes right to change our privacy policy whenever required. If any changes into our Policy you all will find our revised Privacy Policy on our Financial Community.
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