Du Emirates Telecommunication Services provider brought new plan “Go Data Crazy” with 100GB of Internet data. With Du “Go data crazy with 100GB data” plan you have a golden offer which will make you feel GO CRAZY…

A monthly payment of AED 1000, you will get bunch of service and facilities which include 100GB data, 2,500 flexi minutes, a free smartphone with a gold Go Crazy number, in just 24 month contract.

For the customer this time who not ready for the AED1000 plan for them there is NANO plan.
  • AED450 plan 1200 flexible minutes and 25GB data,
  • AED300 plan 600 flexible minutes and 18GB data.
  • AED150 plan 300 flexi minutes and 6GB data.

By this kind of plan from Du Telecommunication service provider now everybody will go crazy. For more details go to www.du.ae