If you are using google adsense on your website or blogs then you should know about google adsense rates, what is a good rpm adsense, what is page ctr on adsense, what is ctr as this all helps in your adsense rates? The page rpm adsense meaning in google adsense is page revenue on each thousand impressions (RPM) is finding by estimated earnings divide by the number of page views, and then multiplies by 1000.

i.e. Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

The above formula helps you to find the exact revenue you had earned from Page rpm on your website or blogs, the more page views generated on your website then the more page rpm you can earn, from google adsense.

This formula is confirmed by google itself to cross verify the formula you can go to the below link of google adsense support where you find the same formula and satisfaction after that.