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Thread: Want to take my desktop backup

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    Want to take my desktop backup

    I am using from a long time I believe from a couple of years to my old system I had new Apple Air with which I had purchase recently in last month. My question is how to take backup for my desktop system which is old now, it has Intel dual processor with 1 TB hard disk. I want to transfer all my data safely in a new hard drive without taking any risk because one of my friend tried but she failed to take backup and due to this the data got corrupted. I am afraid, advice me the safer method.

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    Re: Want to take my desktop backup

    Don't get scared off, just take backup in normal way copy paste you have only 1 Terabyte of data with you. Hope it will work without any problem if your desktop system is working good enough. I know it will take time, but this with all methods you will use.

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