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  1. Etisalat new Five prepaid SIM card connections | Etisalat Five card

    Etisalat Five card is a new prepaid connections for the low range worker which has bundles of low calling rates. The Etisalat Five card can be used in Etisalat Sim or you can use prepaid Five SIM...
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    Re: How to get the at the rate symbol on my laptop

    Today only I saw this reply, hope you will solve your problem
  3. Re: How to avoid special characters using javascript

    var iChars = "!@#$%^&*()+=-[]\\\';,./{}|":<>?";
    for (var i = 0; i < document.formname.fieldname.value.length; i++)
    if (iChars.indexOf(document.formname.fieldname.value.charAt(i)) != -1) ...
  4. Top 10 Finance Companies in Emirates of UAE with good returns

    To invest your money in the land of Emirates and you're facing difficulties in finding the Financial companies in Emirates of United Arab Emirates then this will be a good helper for you.

    I know...
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    Re: Subscribe Du Emirati plan in UAE

    go here
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    Subscribe Du Emirati plan in UAE

    How to subscribe Du Emirati plan in UAE here are the way you can do it.

    New customer
    If you are new customer of Du kindly visit du shops or du authorized dealers in UAE.

    Existing customer...
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    Forex trading is the best platform or not

    Guys I am confused in doing trading in Forex, I wanted to know that whether it is good or not. if any one find it good or bad can please explain me in what term you are saying your statement. As i...
  8. Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specifications, Price, Features and Reviews
  9. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specifications, Price, Features and Reviews

    S7 Edge will be available from March 11th approximately, as it revealed by Spanish bank La Caixa in the Samsung Pay promotional poster find out the detailed specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge...
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