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  1. Re: In Dubai construction site Male Nurse is mandatory within how many workers

    Nilesh it is the same, one male nurse is required for 50 employees as per the HAAD requirements.
  2. Re: Traffic Detour manual requirements for construction site in Abu Dhabi

    Hi Santosh,

    Follow the below instruction in the given TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT MANUAL EMIRATE OF ABU DHABI WORK ZONE

    This is all yo have to follow as per the Department of Transport.
  3. Re: Kickass Torrents website again for use | Download from

    Using VPN is useful when it is block in your country but I believe it is open in many country the link is also the same try by again may be the website serve was down at the time you was opening the...
  4. What Brand and model of DDR3 desktop memory is better for normal use?

    Hi while purchasing the desktop system very fist time is very happiest movement, yes you are right that I am about the buy a new desktop system and I had did many R&D on specifications of desktop...
  5. Re: Solution: CRITICAL ERROR -Start Menu and CORTANA aren't working

    Clicked on the computer Icon (right click), opened c drive, searched for control panel, opened control panel (right clicked). Removed Avast antivius. Restarted computer and problem solved. Now to...
  6. Re: How to Subscribe and Cancel Etisalat Daily Data Plan

    Omer, Ya habibi..

    The only way through which you can Subscribe and Cancel your Promo Daily Data Plan subscription is by dialling *135*244#
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